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Sponsors of the Picton Chamber of Commerce are part of the business community that believes in cooperating and working together to plan opportunities for growth. Business growth transforms into opportunities for sponsorship of community groups and employment growth. By sponsoring the Picton Chamber of Commerce you will not only be rewarded with promoting your business through Chamber communications and marketing channels, you will be assisting with the necessary funds to ensure Picton’s business growth is made a focal point for authorities.

Current GOLD  Sponsor

Current SILVER  Sponsors

Current MEMBER PLUS  Sponsors

Sponsor Benefits are as Follows

Membership Inclusions Member Member Plus Member Silver Member Gold
$80 $280 $2,500 $5,000
Financial membership Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yearly membership window decal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Promotional brochures at general meetings No Yes Yes Yes
Sponsorship decal for display at your business premises No No Yes Yes
One (1), Five minute speaking opportunity at a dinner event No Yes No No
One (1) website and Facebook business of the month/week feature Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ten minute business marketing presentation opportunity to members at a dinner event No No Yes (1) Yes (2)
Promotion via a member supplied pull-up banner at monthly general meetings No No Prominent Most Prominent – Front of audience
Business logo included on the Picton Chamber of Commerce website Yes Sponsor’s pages Prominent – Home Page Most Prominent – Home page
Business website link via the above logo for sponsorship No Yes Yes Yes
Business logo included on all Chamber newsletters or invitations to events No No Prominent Most Prominent
Business logo included on monthly event advertising No No Yes Yes
(1)or (2), collaborative chamber/business marketing event Chamber Special Events  Golf Day,Tradie Field Day,Race Night, Resilience evening No No Yes (1) Yes(2)
Golf Day  Friday Nov 26th Participation Silver Sponsor package Value $1000 (2 Carts, 4 players, Breakfast and lunch, signage on 1 Hole) Gold Sponsor Package Value $1500 (2 carts,4 players, Breakfast Lunch, drink vouchures 3 per player , signage on two holes)
Prominent display space and promotional brochures for business at Chamber Special Events  Golf Day,Tradie Field Day,Race Night No No Yes (2) Yes (ALL)
If there is an opportunity, the Chamber President will recognise the business with a “thank you” at each meeting No Yes Yes Yes
Special Event dinner tickets included No No Yes (One ticket) Yes (Two tickets)