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Meeting 2017-11

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November 2017

November 2017 Meeting Update

Guest Speakers: Members

This month: Open discussions, who and what members stand for.

6:00 pm

With so many new members joining the Picton Chamber of Commerce since the recent AGM, it became necessary for members to take turns introducing themselves and their businesses. Rather than being a free-for-all sales pitch, members spent the time discussing why they joined the Chamber and what they hoped to obtain and accomplish by becoming members. It was such an eye-opener to hear the careers and history of the various members and their businesses. The introductions soon became a round-table discussion as members revealed their visions for the future and desire to assist the community.

The discussion had everyone contributing when Jeanne Duffy from Community Connect spoke about her organisation’s connections for assisting people and families in need. It was heartening to see the willingness of members to embrace the need to assist and give back to the community.

Another contributor that had everyone’s attention during discussions was Geoff O’Brien who works closely with stakeholders of the Wilton Junction developments. Geoff was able to provide clarity between rumours and fact with regard to the various developments and discussions that were on the table. With such a large development growing on Picton’s doorstep it is inevitable that it will have an effect on Picton’s business catchment. How Picton’s businesses and the Chamber evolve with those changes will be key to everyone’s success.

No doubt, the shire will experience significant growth as will all other districts on the outskirts of Sydney and the need for our Chamber of Commerce to incorporate a vision for the greater area of 2571 was also discussed. It was agreed there was a need to reach out to rural, home and industrial businesses who may think the Chamber only benefits main street businesses with small agendas. Far from it. The Chamber sees its role as a spokesman for ALL businesses and the more businesses the Chamber can represent, the greater impact it can have to ensure our concerns are heard when those decisions that affect our businesses are made.

When discussions turned to events and projects for future growth of the district it was noted many past events and projects which started as Chamber initiatives, where taken over by Council who had the funds and resources to run with them to even greater success.

After these uplifting discussions, the meeting was closed at 7:30 and a few members moved to the Bowling Club Member’s lounge for refreshments.

Please note the December meeting will be a Christmas gathering at the George IV Inn. See here for details.

The Picton Chamber of Commerce meetings are held at 6:00pm for 6:15pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month at the Picton Bowling Club Argyle Street Picton.