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March 2019

Please sir, I want some more.

We want some more!

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1st March 2019

An open Letter to Wollondilly Council and all NSW Wollondilly State Seat Candidates


Considering the upcoming State Election is now a mere 22 days away, we are completely bemused by the campaigns that all six candidates are running.

There has not been one serious commitment to the Wollondilly Electorate by any of the candidates and not a single dollar promised to improve the lives of residents of one of the fastest growing areas in the state of NSW. With the obvious opportunities here in the South West, I would have thought items like roads, rail, education and health, along with employment would be high on the list of priorities for the State Government.


Seriously what has the State Seat of Wollondilly been promised?

  • The City deals liveability plan is a result of the planned airport at Badgerys Creek.

  • A Picton High School upgrade was happening anyway.

  • The upgrades at Campbelltown and Bowral hospitals will be a slight benefit.

  • A petition circulating to call for the Picton to Mittagong Loopline to be restored for tourism purposes, but that is not a commitment to do anything.

  • The major parties have policies on Education, Health and Policing which are the standard across the state commitments which is basic State govt responsibility.

The Wollondilly deserves more! Other electorates have been promised millions as per examples below:

  • Jindabyne was just promised over $70 million of concrete commitments.

  • Orange has secured a $25 million stadium and sports centre.

  • Launching the Nationals’ campaign in Queanbeyan today,

Mr.Barilaro will make $3 billion worth of election promises, taking the party’s campaign war chest to $5 billion to date, with more still to come in the lead-up to the March 23rd election. Included in this $3 billion package are new funding commitments for water security measures, upgrading regional roads, addressing mobile connectivity, and youth initiatives.

Wollondilly is far from being a safe seat!

Wollondilly should be receiving more attention and some solid commitments. None of the candidates seem to have any ideas but here’s a few suggestions:
Decentralisation incentive scheme to attract businesses to Wollondilly.

  1.  Funding to fast track compulsory acquisition of employment lands at Maldon.

  2. $100 million for Picton flood mitigation (If only they get a move on with the flood     plan risk management study 12 months overdue and 2.5 years on from a devastating event)

  3. Upfront growth infrastructure funding for Wilton-Tahmoor link (Picton Bypass), Picton bridge linking Barkers Lodge road to Cliffe Street Picton

  4. Express train service for Southern Highlands and Wollondilly to be re-instated

  5. Electrification of Rail Trax to the future

  6. Regional sports academy

  7. Regional arts academy

  8. High School in North of Wollondilly LGA

  9. 1Intensive Horticulture & Agricultural Development fund

  10. Water security for Macarthur connecting Warragamba with supply line across to Nepean system

Our Electorate could be the deciding factor in forming a Government as we don’t see a landslide victory for either major party.
We encourage the candidates and parties to respond and make some solid commitments.

Yours faithfully,

Kyle Chamberlain

President Picton Chamber of Commerce & Industry