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A Vision for Picton’s Future

Business needs and opportunities in the CBD

June 2018 Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, June 27th, 6:00pm for 6:15pm
Picton Bowling Club Argyle Street, Picton

A Vision for Picton’s Future

Business needs and opportunities in the CBD

There was a time in Picton when you couldn’t run down to the supermarket and buy extra food for unexpected guests because there was no supermarket. In fact, I remember when a visitor who had skipped lunch thought they would grab a burger when they got to Picton. However, because it was after 5 pm they found the only takeaway store in town closed.

It was apparent that Picton businesses needed to step up to resident’s expectations. Fortunately, we have some local people who, with insight and resources, have been able to build commercial properties which attracted the kind of businesses Picton residents now take for granted.

We expect these services and businesses and desire more choice.

The township is growing and so too is the need for more jobs and additional services. What growth can Picton expect in the next year or two and how will it affect the dynamics of the CBD?

To answer these questions the Picton Chamber of Commerce has invited key stakeholders to speak at our next meeting.

Guest Speakers:

John Corbett, The Corbett Group

Phil Digger, Diggers Furniture & Carpet

We’ll also hear how other developments currently on the table will reshape the Picton Central Business District.

These include the NAB property and other main street properties that remain untouched since the June 2016 storm.

Future changes will affect your business. Make it positive. Be informed and be a part of the growth and change.

You are invited to hear the guest speakers at our next meeting:


27th June 2018

6:00 pm for 6:15 pm

Seating is limited and we expect a larger than usual attendance so arrive early.

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